To make living space out of this empty concrete shell a lot of construction was necessary. Walls had to be taken out and openings to be cut out to open living spaces and views. Soffits were build up around the windows to contain high hats and cover electric window shades. Basic work started on the computer with a layered floor plan of the condo. With a traffic simulation it was possible to refine the locations for light and electrics. All
construction was done in high quality by the always reliable crew of Peter Burke, who is in the business of luxury construction of condos since almost 25 years. He made a lot of things happen.

To have a warm and vibrant yet long lasting basis for 1810 the decision for a wood floor was a no brainer. Now the floor is covered with a solid 3/4 inch very rare
Australian hardwood, “spotted gum” (which is no longer
available). The floor is set up on a layer of cork and two layers of plywood.
Glaze, Suede and Venetian Plaster in decent colors are
marking out the space of 1810. Lights and shades created by the wandering sun during the day and by sophisticated lights in the night are continuously creating new patterns.
The lighting design of 1810 was created by following a
plan on reflecting the familiar behavior of people while
chatting, eating and walking between function areas either individually or while gathering on a larger function.
To accomplish this goal Tech lighting was used to build a basis in order to share the space into segments and enlighten the walk ways.
To find timeless pieces of furniture catalogues and production lists of the leading European designers were over the place for months. What subsequently made its way into 1810 are well known design classics.