The owner of 1810, Peter Einheuser, is an artist. He
had some design experience before when he formed several modern living spaces in Germany. For a two story condo on the fourth floor of a luxury building in Frankfurt's famous Zeppelinallee he made a 17 feet high tree the core piece of the living room. Another home was build around a cocktail bar which became later a famous hang-out place for celebrities. Peter also had made modern furniture and medical appliances. For 1810 Peter had support from a couple of extraordinary
craftsmen and contractors.
Wood, granite, steel, frosted glass and leather generate the kitchen's atmosphere. Curves of cherry wood, elegant fabrics, the art of Pepe Tortosa and a peek to the Everglades.
Lights and window shades open endless ways to illuminate the space. During the day electric shades
steer the flood of bright sunlight and its reflecting on walls and furniture. In the after hours the artificial light from the inside is combined with the illuminated city behind the glasses.
Todd Goldman’s famous painting “Boys are Smelly” is a center piece in the north side study of 1810. Art pieces by Renate Sautermaister, Anna Jóelsdóttir, Pepe Tortosa, Juan Sanchez-Juarez, Karl Korab, and Peter Einheuser adorn the walls of 1810.

To confirm the over all impression of 1810 blue and orange were the chosen colors for the majority
of the lamps made of Venetian Murano glass that surrounds a small raindrop glass in frost. During the day they discreetly support the warm reflections of walls, ceilings, furniture and art. At night they give off
a neutral warmth.